Decking service:

ASC flooring being in the flooring industry has acquired the experience to cater all the needs of our clients related to different types of flooring. We are one of the best Decking service providers in London. Our decking specialists have the skills and expertise to bring back life in your deck. We have an array of different services from just simple installation of your deck lighting to the complete transformation of the new deck. Whatever design and transformation you want to have we can bring your dream into reality. No matter what the project might be our team has always completed the work on time and under budget.

There are usually two types of wood decking commonly used one type which made of soft boards and the other made of hard boards, the difference in these two might be the sources of trees they are basically coming. Hardwood decking usually requires more special maintenance and skilled labor, but both have different advantages and disadvantages and it totally depends on the budget of the client, and the requirements what he is looking and expecting in his outdoor deck. Our team will make outdoor decking service so convenient by using lightweight decking boards instead of heavy stone slabs. Our team having a set of specialized skills will do the job much faster. No matter what the budget our client has we have always tried our best to give the best possible options in their budget.


For ASC flooring quality is the most important factor in every project we work on. And we believe that the work you leave behind will only tell the credibility of your work. For us, decking service is just more than laying some wooden slabs altogether. Before the installation, we make sure to cover the entire area with an anti-weed membrane and a wooden base. With this step, we ensure that your deck will be saved from the deteriorating effects of the weed. After prepping our surface we will start the process of laying the wooden slabs.

We follow procedures:

While working on our projects our team makes sure to follow all the safety and security procedure as it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our client’s property as well as of our team’s.

Clean finished work:

We make sure to keep the work as clean as possible in the process of installation of your deck. ASC flooring without a doubt can be your first choice of decking service provider in London.  Our main goal is to provide superior quality to our clients ensuring strength, durability and longetivity. It is a great way to make the best use of our outdoors and transform it into with the best material nature has offered to us. Ensuring all the careful measures have been taken to provide resistance against fire, fungal attacks, insect attacks and weathering. We are best and professional Decking service providers in London. ASC flooring Ltd is decking specialist.

Why chose us?

There are several reasons that ASC flooring could be your first choice of Decking service providers in London.

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