Laminate flooring

ASC Flooring LTD being the experts in flooring from last one decade we have made and maintained our reputation with the quality of work we have provided and the services we had delivered. We have been selected, Laminate flooring contractor London by choice several times, because of the work we had delivered in the past to our clients. We cover all the flooring areas in your home from bathroom to kitchen, from living room to bedroom and home entry ways. A laminated flooring can give you a new look that strong as linoleum and it requires less maintenance than stone and you can mimic the look of having natural wood flooring by using the method of laminate flooring.

ASC Flooring LTD provides a wide variety of wood textures and colors. We are Professional Laminate flooring contractor London. Our clients whom have always wished for an expensive wood flooring look can have it by laminating the flooring with a fraction of the cost. As far as the maintenance of the laminate flooring, it is very easy to maintain with the periodic sweeping and dry moping and occasionally you can clean the floor with a damp towel or special laminate flooring cleaners available in the market, following these steps you can keep it in perfect condition. Our team of laminate flooring contractor London makes sure that it is installed precisely and accurately in the first place to have the perfect finish.

How much your laminate flooring project will cost?

The option of laminating your flooring is comparatively a less expensive option than the other flooring options. Laminate flooring can be a good option for the home owners having a very tight budget and want to have a look of expensive wood flooring. Our team of laminate flooring can make it possible for you in a very reasonable budget and expensive looking finish. We suggest leaving the job of laminating the floor in professional’s hand, as it will give you a quality finish along with guarantee. We have redone the messed up laminate flooring of the clients who have tried DIY (do it yourself) laminate flooring, thinking of saving some money; in most of the cases they had end up spending more.  Having a huge variety of laminate flooring our clients can choose what suits the theme of their home and in their budget. The laminate flooring team at ASC Flooring LTD is very friendly and will give you a free estimate of your laminate flooring project. Call us today we will be happy to transform your floors into expensive looking home floors for a fraction of the cost. We are Professional Laminate flooring contractor London. Welcome to the home of natural solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring.

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