Terms and Conditions


Please read the terms and conditions carefully before making a purchase. We are happy to answer any questions regarding the terms, products or services. Contact us: email- ascflooringltd@gmail.com , call- 07765452665 or leave a message through the contact page.

Privacy Policy

We ensure all the information you provide us with including your contact details and addresses will not be shared in any way. The information will only be used for the purposes of communication between 

ASC Flooring LTD and you as our customer.

Terms of Product Purchase

All products are subject to stock adjustments, therefore we advise you to contact us before making a purchase. Otherwise rules apply as follow:

  • High stock - 2-3 working days waiting time,

  • Low stock on laminate flooring - up to 2 weeks waiting time,

  • Low stock on engineered and waterproof laminate flooring - up to 4 weeks waiting time,

Please also allow 1-2 days handling time.

These rules are also subject to change, but we will ensure to contact you in such circumstances if you have already made a purchase.


All products' prices include VAT. All the flooring products include prices per m2 and per pack, but you are only able to purchase packs. Therefore please note the number of items in your cart is the number of boxes, not m2.


Warranties for the products are specified for each one on the specific product pages.


Payments methods include PayPal and Debit Card payments. Payments for all the products must be done straight away and in full, only then they can be delivered. We do not accept returns.


If you wish to have a look at the products before making a purchase this can be arranged if you contact us.


Delivery options include:

  • Local Pickup - Free - ASC Flooring LTD is based in Greenford, Middlesex, UK. If you wish to pick up your own purchase please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

  • Delivery within 50 miles from our base - £45 - We are able to deliver your purchase to you, within 50 miles. This is subject to change depending on the distance and the amount of products you order, so please contact us for more specific details.

  • Delivery above 50 miles from our base - Self - Unfortunately we are unable to deliver your purchases further than 50 miles from our base as of today, therefore you will have to arrange your own delivery. This could change depending on the circumstances, so please contact us before making a purchase.


If you purchase flooring products and require the fitting service as well, contact us before making the purchase. The products will be delivered to you on the day the works at your home start and will not be subject to any delivery charges.


Conditions of Services

Services prices are adjusted regarding to the type of project and amount of work it will require. Contact us for a free of charge estimate.


We guarantee the services will be done to a professional standard. If you are not happy with the final result we will ensure to provide further work needed for your satisfaction.


A deposit of 33% of the agreed price for the service, will be paid upfront. We will require the remaining amount to be paid after the work is finished. The cost of all the materials needed for the job, whether provided by us or not, is also required to be paid upfront.


If you wish to change the date of the work after you paid the deposit it can be arranged if you contact us.


If you wish to cancel the work before it starts, but after you paid the deposit, an agreement can be made if you contact us. However you will only receive 50% of your deposit back.


A VAT invoice will be provided for all the services. Both parties will be required to sign the document at each payment, clearly stating any outsiding amounts. If a payment is not made after the work is finished and/or there are outstanding payments, not resolved after the work is finished, ASC Flooring LTD is legally allowed to involve Dept Recovery Services.



We advise you to contact us if any of the above information is in any way unclear.


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